Advanced Rehabilitation & Intelligence System of Electronic Textiles.
Unlocking the hidden information stored beneath
your feet.
Welcome to
the future of rehabilitationtraining.
Welcome to
the future of rehabilitationtraining.

we believe the best ability is availability.

Prototype MK I
Connection to power &
 bluetooth module
6 Textile Pressure Sensors.

Get           Training        Rehabilitation        done using a detailed interface.

A solution for athletes, patients, doctors and coaching staff who don't like leg injuries.

All up in a cloud

All user data is stored on a secure personal cloud. Accessible any time by medical professionals, coaches, and users.

Share with coaches & doctors

From real time virtual monitoring, to video calls, to granting access to personal cloud data. Connect your body to the people you need.

Create target metrics

Set targets in training or rehab and receive feedback when they're met (cadence, balance, force on feet, injury prevention, rehabilitation management). Set thresholds in rehabilitation and get warned when they are crossed.

Realtime feedback

Receive alerts, sounds, and vibrations from the ARISE App in real time as our technology guides a safe and effective rehabilitation/ training session. 
Your only focus? Honing your craft.

Focus on what matters

Crystal clear graphics display our body's key information at a glance.

Hide it if you don't need it

For more detailed real-time data, select any part of the foot to highlight specific areas and hide the others on the live display.

Objectify the Road to Recovery

New sensor technology has made it easier than ever to augment clinical observation with precise objective measurements.

Sit back and enjoy the recovery process

Patients enjoy complete peace of mind with precise guidance & real time feedback. Doctors embrace a new confidence with better patient compliance with ARISE.

Set your own thresholds for specific metrics

Set limits for weight bearing, cadence, balance bias, foot strike, and even pressure on specific locations of the feet! Receive feedback with vibrations, visuals, and/ or sounds instantly when thresholds are passed.

Rehabilitation Management

For users & medical professionals.

See completed tasks, current status and target goals.

Say bye to uncertainty. Get instant insight into the current rehab stage and a step by step plan towards recovery.

Organize rehab info in a single place.

We listened to our customers, and we put together the package.
Rehab progress updates.
Personal profiles & injury details.
Recovery notes throughout the rehab process.
All in one place!

Injury Prevention Training

For users, coaches, and medical professionals.

The best personal trainer yet

The ARISE system will adapt to your healthy patterns and warn you if you deviate from them.
Want to share previous days' data with a coach or trainer? Easily grant them access to see.

Data-driven precursor detection

There exist certain patterns of movement that are well-correlated to injuries. ARISE keeps an eye out for these specific patterns and warns you when you begin to show them. Thus helping reduce the chance of an injury.

Connect with coachesphysios, any time, any place.

For users, coaches, and medical professionals.

Virtual training & Physiotherapy sessions

Access to trainers and coaches has never been easier. Streamline rehabilitation and training with video chat and real-time display of your biometrics on the screen!

Turn your home into a clinic or a gym

Easy-to-use home healthcare and immersive home exercise programs are the future that we are striving towards.

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Track your body
from your smartphone.

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